Friday, 20 May 2011

Kendells Bistro

Kendells Bistro is a French inspired bistro in Leeds. I have visited Kendells on several occasions and from the outset will say right away that it is one of the two best city centre restaurants (along with Anthony's on Boar Lane).

The menu is presented on blackboards with the legend "sold out = fresh food" and yes the food is fresh and as the evening progresses you will see "sold out" written next to items on the boards. The menu changes fairly regularly due to the policy albeit with some staples such as their wonderful Gratin Lyonaisse, it also tends to feature more unusual French dishes such as squab pigeon, frogs' legs & even squirrel on occasion.

On our latest visit to Kendells we had:

Gratin Lyonaisse (French Onion Soup)

Foie Gras on Garlic Brioche with Green Bean Salad and Fig Chutney

Salmon and Asparagus

Côte de Boeuf (Rib Eye served with Duck Fat Potatoes and Béarnaise Sauce)

Crème brûlée

The Gratin Lyonaisse served at Kendells Bistro is second to none, the photograph may not look amazing, but the flavour, oh the flavour! I challenge anyone to find a French Onion soup this good outside of France, hell, maybe even inside of France!

The Pan Fried Foie Gras was delicious, perfect... I won't dwell on this as it is so divisive, other than to say if you enjoy it, here it is as good as anywhere.

The Salmon was my partners choice, again cooked brilliantly.

The Rib Eye was cooked beautifully medium rare as requested, a seriously beautiful piece of meat with a Béarnaise that Escoffier would have been proud of.

I don't eat dessert very often and the Crème brûlée was my girlfriends, I tasted it and would agree it was light and beautifully vanilla-y.

Really if you haven't visited Kendells, just go but just consider it might be wise to book in advance as it does get busy especially on a weekend. The food is wonderful, and I haven't even mentioned the atmosphere which is amazing, even slightly hedonistic. It's clear they haven't used a professional designer which gives it an eclectic feel and the owners' personal touch can be seen in all the bits and pieces and decorations, also I love all the funky candles in wine bottles.

A true local, independent restaurant which delivers something truly special (and they never under feed you!)

Kendells Bistro
Saint Peter's Square
Tel: 0113 2436653

Twitter: @KendellsBistro


  1. Great start to the blog. Excellent choices so far, and I'll definitely be trying the Red Chilli crab and Tampopo beef dishes you mentioned.

    And well done for managing to get usable photographs inside Kendells. Did you take your own lighting rig? ;o)

  2. Glad you enjoyed and thank you for the first comment!

    Ha lighting rig would have been nice ;) pictures are taken with an iPhone 4, it's flash does seem very bright though & I know flash is a bit naughty but as you know in Kendells there is no other way :o